Research on marine environment biological resources

Collaboration with Jeju National University, Shanghai Ocean University, National Taiwan Ocean University, and the University of the Ryukyus

As a platform of research on marine environment biological resources in the East China Sea, a workshop called the “International Workshop on the Oceanography and Fisheries Science in the East China Sea” is organized led by the Institute for East China Sea Research, Nagasaki University. The workshop began in 1997 and is held every two years.

Collaboration with Can Tho University, Southern Vietnam

Can Tho University, situated on the southern part of Vietnam, along with Nagasaki University concluded the Memorandum of Understanding in 2012 and established a liaison office of Nagasaki University on the Can Tho University campus.

Environmental purification and ecosystem conservation activities in the Mo O mudflats of the Mekong Delta

Nagasaki University’s departments, the Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, and CICORN are engaging in environmental purification and ecosystem conservation activities in the Mo O mudflats located in the Soc Trang Province with the Nagasaki Vietnam Friendship Association.

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