Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Indonesia in Tokyo, visits Nagasaki University

On Friday 20 November 2020, Mr. Tri Purnajaya, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the  Embassy of Indonesia in Tokyo visited Prof. Nagayasu Takeshi, Trustee in charge of Research and International Affairs of Nagasaki University.

He was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Yusli Wardiatno, Education & Cultural Attache and a graduate of the Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology of Nagasaki University and other delegates.

He expressed his desire to strengthen cooperation between universities, institutions and companies in Japan and Indonesia, particularly in measures against disaster and Covid-19 which were announced at the time of Prime Minister Mr. Suga’s visit to Indonesia in October.
He showed his interests in Nagasaki University’s long history of medical education and research, especially in the fields of tropical medicine and infectious diseases, and expressed his high expectations for the further promotion of joint research and student exchange.

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