Joint Symposium with Leiden University Friday 27 November 2020 (Language: English, by Zoom)

The history of academic exchange and collaboration between Nagasaki University and Leiden University began in 1989.
Over the years we have built partnerships in the areas.
Nagasaki University School of Medicine is honored to host Nagasaki-Leiden Joint Symposium on The Clinical Sciences of Healthy Ageing (the symposium will be in English)

The main topic of the symposium is “healthy ageing,” a topic of great significance and interest today in all over the world.
The symposium will consist of lectures on the research of disease in the elderly, clinical interventions and prevention in ageing.

Leiden University Medical Center is renowned for biomarker research in the field of ageing studies.
At Nagasaki University, we have made much progress in the study of ageing mechanisms in recent past, and have pioneered in the cohort study among remote islanders.

All students, professors and staff members interested in healthy ageing are welcome!

【Program and Registration】
Please access to following URL to find a program and to make registration before Friday, 20 November 2020.

We will send you a link to Zoom URL before 26 November 2020.