Lake Victoria Comprehensive Ecosystem and Aquatic Environment Research for Development Project – Research and Development Megaproject supported by external funds

Seiji Kato, Professor
Center for International Collaborative Research

<Project Outline>
Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa that is bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It is a natural resource that is responsible for the livelihoods of nearly 50 million East Africans. In addition, it also supports the largest inland fisheries, provides food, and is a source of income for lakeside residents. The Nile perch found within the lake also serve as an important export product of Kenya.

However, over the years, the lake has been abused and is gradually losing its sustainability.

The purpose of this project is to help improve the knowledge-base of the people of Kenya and introduce new techniques for water quality environmental improvement and aquafarming, in order to improve fish hauls, water quality, and ecosystem integrity.

<Acquiring External Funds>
The “Counterpart fund” is one of the grant-aids from ODA. When the grant-aid is applied, the government of the aid-receiving country must save any profits which are earned by using the grant-aid and then use that money as a development fund, to further develop and build.

Both Maseno University and the Africa Research Station, Nagasaki University will jointly manage the utilization of the counterpart fund for the implementation of this project (Phase 1: around 150 million yen within two years). Professors of engineering and fisheries will make trips to the site to help guide and teach Kenyan researchers, while Japanese coordinators who were hired by using the counterpart fund and reside there will follow up on their progress.

<Looking ahead to the Future>
Going forward, it is not hard to imagine that considerable effort will be needed to properly manage funds and guide the Kenyan researchers. However, Nagasaki University is striving to not only improve the research capabilities of Kenya, but to help the country develop and improve the lives of all of those living around Lake Victoria.


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