Medical interactions and exchanges with Kazakhstan (Dec. 2014)

Jumpei Takahashi, Assistant Professor
Center for International Collaborative Research

The Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan has been focusing strongly on medical reform in recent years. Along with economic growth and a growing national budget, system reform and expansion of training opportunities are under way. They are also quite active in the introduction of recent medical equipment and, with support from Japan, are preparing to open a cancer diagnosis facility.

December 2013, upon request support from the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Center for Health Department, marks the first time that the “Japanese Primary Health Care and Hospital Management” themed training for local hospital directors was implemented. After the trainees took lectures on Japan’s health system and national health insurance program at Nagasaki University, they visited numerous hospitals within Nagasaki City. They were also given lectures by the Nagasaki Prefecture Medical Association (regarding the role of the Medical Association) and the Nagasaki Prefectural Health Organization (regarding the administration of health examinations).

Going forward, in addition to continuing with hospital director training, seminars on national health insurance, as well as lectures on physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and caring for disabled people are also being planned.


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