Explaining the Multiplex Project to 21 Diplomatic Corps of African countries

Satoshi Kaneko, Professor
Institute of Tropical Medicine

On January 26, Professor Satoshi Kaneko of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, gave a seminar on the Multiplex Project to ambassadors from various countries in Africa.

The Multiplex Project is an industry-academia-government collaboration project between the National Center for Global Health and Medicine and the Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (Nagoya). Based out of our Africa Research Station in Kenya, we work toward the practical use of simultaneous detection of multiple infectious diseases.

This seminar, with cooperation from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), which seeks to help support the expansion of innovative research in Africa, and members of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), was held for African diplomats. Along with Tohoku University and Osaka University, which are conducting this project with Nagasaki University, also gave a presentation during the seminar. From a total of 21 different countries including Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya, a total of 28 people, 12 of them being ambassadors of their countries, attended the seminar.


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