Nagasaki University students go abroad in search of fish

Tadanori Fujino, Assistant Professor
Center for International Collaborative Research

This is Can Tho, Vietnam. In search of fish farmed in the Mekong Delta, Shouhei Noma, a Nagasaki University student, has been studying at Can Tho University since September 2015. Noma (M1) is in search of a catfish sample to assist in the study of the structure of the respiration system of the Pangasius bocourti(パンガシュウスナマズ), which is a very important fish for farming in this area. The Can Tho University, where Noma is studying now, signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Nagasaki University in 2012 and has been doing many research activities with Japanese universities, including Nagasaki University in cooperation with Japanese ODA Loans on the “Can Tho University Improvement Project,” which was concluded in July of 2015.

This is the East China Sea off Taiwan. Tone (M1) spent two months on a fishing-boat in June 2015 to research the biology of sailfish, which is believed to come and go between Japan and Taiwan during this time. This was a joint research project with the National Taiwan Ocean University and the Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture. They attached a data logger to a marlin and collected information about its body temperature during migration, water temperature, depth, speed, and acceleration. Likewise, the National Taiwan Ocean University student, Shiann Jong Lin, visited Nagasaki for a month in September and studied the migration-data of the sailfish, which travels from Kagoshima to Taiwan.

Although language, common cultural practices, and food are different from country to country, it is an invaluable experience for students to live and study in these different environments. Developing such a field where students can gain this experience is essential for the propagation of global education.


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