Nagasaki University’s philosophy is to “contribute to the harmonious development of society by inheriting the traditional culture rooted in Nagasaki, nurture rich minds, and advance science that supports the propagation of peace on Earth.” As the university within Nagasaki, the city of peace, this philosophy, in light of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to be the driving force behind the elimination of conflicts around the world and to overcome the negative aspects of globalism, with an emphasis on creating a society of the future that sustains harmony among economy, community, and environment. Contributing factors to war and conflict are the various forms of discrimination, inequality, and disparity around the world. These forms of discrimination exist due to the over-concentration of globalization in certain areas of the world, while others are left behind. Furthermore, in recent years, due to climate change, more destruction from natural disasters is occurring around the world, and rural villagers who are separated from big cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable. There are growing concerns that this may open the way for social destabilization.

As a result of the atomic bomb, the people of Nagasaki once lost everything. However, they have the experience of working together to rebuild their town, and it is now a place that desperately hopes and prays for peace. Also, Nagasaki contains the greatest number of islands out of all of the prefectures in Japan. And as both the aging population of the country and declining birthrates progress, there are many areas where people will be marginalized and are likely to be abandoned by society. As a university that will continue its struggle for peace in the 21st century, Nagasaki University, in accordance with its SDGs efforts, is prepared to take on any risk and bolster its resilience (toward nuclear weapons, nuclear disasters, and infectious diseases) and create a fair and stable society for all, where nobody will be left behind or forgotten (not a social structure with an ever-widening gap). For this purpose, we will disseminate our research and solutions to the world.

Efforts in Problematic Island Regions of Japan Efforts to Stave of Marginalization of People in the Global Community