Ogata Rie

Bring creative ideas to international academic collaboration!

Nakandakari Misuzu

Almost no term of reference! Paving the way for international researchers.

Miyata Yuki

Contributing to world peace and environmental protection through risk management

Fukushia Masako

A professional in international collaboration practices with JICA

Yoshino Ryuji

From Nagasaki to Africa!

Takahashi Keiko

Aiming to realize a society where all mothers and babies can live healthy lives

Hirano Yuko

Medical sociologist looking at social change and medicine 20 to 30 years ahead

Konishi Yuma

Redefine the role of society through research and practice on poverty

Sunhee Suk

Nagasaki, a city that connect the modern with the ancient and opens doors to the world

Tanaka Takako

The keys to clinical and research are smiles, relationships, gratitude, and challenges

Soutome Sakiko

The secret to advancing research is never-ending questions and the desire to help patients

Kondo Yoshiko

A real Navigator who travels the five oceans for research

Sakuda Eri

Fascinated by light and darkness: creating beautifully glowing molecules

Nakamura Risa

Live this day as if it were your last: finding offense and defense between host and parasite

Kawamura Arinori

Reflecting the self and others through a perspective of law

Takahashi Jumpei

Building bridges through smooth communication with Russian-speaking countries

Kondo Chieko

Passion for Research to Stop Global Warming

Masuda Ken

Learn from the past, analyze the present, and shape the future as a cultural anthropologist

Takamura Noboru

Seeing the world as a specialist in radiation exposure medicine

Nakamura Keiko

Taking a step to turn ideals of a nuclear-free world into reality

Nishikawa Takafumi

Connecting the world with bridges and technology

Tanabe Shuji

Catalyzing both chemical reactions and people!

Hosoda Naomi

Lessons learned from immigrants: the meanings of border and the future world

Mori Motonao

Smash Capitalism, demolish empires, and disestablish higher education systems!

Suzuki Akiyoshi

Connecting and bringing smiles to people around the world through “Planetarity”

Komatsu Satoru

Keep moving forward to make the world better

Yasuda Jiro

Strive to conquer viral infections as a researcher

Saihanjuna X

Attending to people moving across borders

Inohara Ayami

Continue to seek and work for various forms of peace


Hosting outdoor activiteis to connect international students and Japanese students

Syed Shabbar Hussain Shah

Launching gatherings for international students to alleviate their feelings of the lonliness

Bundutidi Gloria Mavinga

Work hard, stay disciplined, and be patient. Your time will surely come

Thanawat Khongyot

Giving never ends, happiness will be stayed around you

Hashimoto Kazuki

Identity as “Japanese” found through adversity

Kohori Azusa

Out of your comfort zone

Shimokawa Mizuki

Grasp needs and quickly respond to them. Regret failing the new challenges rather than maintaining the status quo.

Kai Koyuki

Solving social problems, self-development, and connecting people in international cooperation

Onishi Kentaro

Unexpected forms of internationalization starting with daily life

Kawakami Hinako

Starting from familiar environments and working toward solving global issues

Kobayashi Taishun

Passing the ocean without pollution to the next generation

Mita Mariko

Fascinated by the ideal of multicultural coexistence

Li Zhenhua

Take one step further into the new world!